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FOX News
Feb 16, 2013 12:00pm PST
streets of russia. 200 people were injured and many by falling glass. more than 4,000 buildings were damaged and government is saying it will cost $33 million to clean it up. this is one of several incidents that happened. a senior research scientist at carl sagen center of the seti institute and one who runs the nasa sponsored cameras for all sky meteor surveillance. we want to hear from you. thank you so much for joining us? >> pleasure. >> heather: nasa says this is once in a lifetime event. how do we know that? >> well, let me first say, of course, the biggest concern at the moment is for the situation in russia. so many windows were broken we are hoping that the damage can be recovered quickly. for a scientist it's a great opportunity to learn about this type of impact. we know that this was unusual event because it created a very loud boom. a signal at a frequency that is lower than what you can hear by the ear which travels long distance. this was picked up somewhere between 300 and 500 kiloton impacted. >> heather: how do we know it's not going to happen again? they said it's
FOX News
Feb 4, 2013 12:00am EST
born in russia when his father was with the russian military. >> by the early 1980s he had significant niche for himself in the structure. >> kim jong-il was a character of fun to a lot of people in the western world because he was short and had that boof fant style hair and wore elevator shoes but he was in truth a very brutal dictator. >> he has expensive taste in everything from alcohol to t cigarettes to expensive boats. >> it was reported he liked american culture. >> he loved american film. he supposedly had a library of many thousands of films. he once had a south korean actress, favorite south korean actress abducted. she was kidnapped from a beach in hong kong and taken to north korea and required to become basically his actress slave. >> they had kidnapping of people that's how they went about it with film and with migrate uncle. >> mick kim's own familiar licks combreernsed the cruelty of the north korean regime. >> migrate uncle was a lead engineer. >> grandmother's mother. >> my mom and others and my family told me about how during the korean war the north koreans came acr
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)